24 July 2009

I pray you will be well

Dear Blog

I didn’t forget you.
There were occasion that I want to post a blog, but …
Today something very disturbing happened.

Just because she cannot withstand the bully, she chose to end her life.
Living needs more courage then to end your life my dear girl!
I don’t really know you, however when I caught the news, my heart sank.

There are always people fighting for every second, minute, hour, day, week, month to live on.
Draw strength from within, life will have another meaning for you.
Be strong, that’s you purpose in life!

12 April 2009

Case of the Month!

My recent case of the month:
Father 67 years old, mother 41 years old, and Son 18 years old…
What is the possibility for healthy relationship between 26 years old different husband and wife?
Well, I really don’t know. They must be super communicator if their marriage who fantastically well.
The more family I attend to, the more that I am more selective about the pre-requisite for starting my own family. Human are just so complicated.. I guess that is also the thrilling fun and I am chasing after.
Dear reader, if you heard of any family stories, regardless or soap opera or lovely dovey stories, please write to me. rossanachen@hotmail.com.
*I’m doing a compilation of family stories in Singapore.
Write to me now.. be it your stories, or someone else's.

31 March 2009

Composer - ISFP. Artisans.

Artisans are the temperament with a natural ability to excel in any of the arts, not only the fine arts such as painting and sculpting, or the performing arts such as music, theater, and dance, but also the athletic, military, political, mechanical, and industrial arts, as well as the "art of the deal" in business.

Artisans are most at home in the real world of solid objects that can be made and manipulated, and of real-life events that can be experienced in the here and now. Artisans have exceptionally keen senses, and love working with their hands. They seem right at home with tools, instruments, and vehicles of all kinds, and their actions are usually aimed at getting them where they want to go, and as quickly as possible. Thus Artisans will strike off boldly down roads that others might consider risky or impossible, doing whatever it takes, rules or no rules, to accomplish their goals. This devil-may-care attitude also gives the Artisans a winning way with people, and they are often irresistibly charming with family, friends, and co-workers.

Artisans want to be where the action is; they seek out adventure and show a constant hunger for pleasure and stimulation. They believe that variety is the spice of life, and that doing things that aren't fun or exciting is a waste of time. Artisans are impulsive, adaptable, competitive, and believe the next throw of the dice will be the lucky one. They can also be generous to a fault, always ready to share with their friends from the bounty of life. Above all, Artisans need to be free to do what they wish, when they wish. They resist being tied or bound or confined or obligated; they would rather not wait, or save, or store, or live for tomorrow. In the Artisan view, today must be enjoyed, for tomorrow may never come.

There are many Artisans, perhaps 30 to 35 percent of the population, which is good, because they create much of the beauty, grace, fun, and excitement the rest of us enjoy in life.
Artisans at WorkArtisans seek to make an impact upon the organizations where they work and upon society at large. Their alertness to current realities, the joy they take in variation, and their tendency to follow their instincts to 'what works' make them good troubleshooters and negotiators, talented performers and craftspeople and excellent leaders in all kinds of emergencies and chaotic situations.

Your heightened aesthetic sense can lead you to craft and perfect whatever work you take on. As a result, in your ideal job you would likely have the freedom to gather observations, collections of facts, and sets of skills in order to do your work. You can be thrilled when you slip through a window of strategic opportunity that colleagues or the competition haven’t yet seen.

19 March 2009


Do you accept who you are?
Do people accept who you are?
Do you accept people for who they are?

To be “acceptance” is a big word in life.
Demonstrating this word in non-verbal communication will be a life long goal of mine.
In this realistic and judgmental world that we are in, I think we just have no time for acceptance.
Practicing acceptance at home? At this point in time, I must emphasize that I am referring to healthy acceptance. Personally, I feel that people are just too eager to change or judge others.
Emotionally, (Not that I am EMO) I feel that this society lack the warmth and care for others. People are generally very self-centered and too busy to care for others. (Perhaps, sometimes they don't even have time to care for themselves.)

Stop, think and FEEL! Are you connected for once? your heart, mind and soul?
Have our own actions put people off? Well, I’m guilty of that.
I really want to blog more about my recent experience, but I’m just so tired. Mentally and Physically.
I just know that I am still breathing… and my heart is beating. (a little slow though)...
But my blood is warm even i constantly feel cold. Now my eye-lids are heavy.....

Rosie tucked in bed..... *lights off*

08 March 2009


This blog is specially written, HOPING to nudge humanity among people.
Part of me feels that this society lacks humanity. Maybe it is just what I chose to see.
I was in bus 857 heading home from Suntec, I was very lucky to get a seat together with my mom since we board the bus from the terminal. Well, after 2 stops, at esplanade, an Indian lady board the bus, she was carry an infant with her. My look whispered to me asking if wanna give up my seat for her. Well, initially I didn’t want, in fact I was a little reluctant and my legs are aching after long day of walking. (that was a guy sitting in front of me.. so I was kinda of expecting him to give up his seat.. being more gentleman..)

At the end, out of conscious guilt I stood up and gave my seat to her.
She sat down without expressing her appreciation / or say thank you.
For a moment, I felt that I “ought” to give up my seat for her! (I was upset!)

And I had to desensitize my dismay for the whole journey.
I debated with myself for a long time….

01. When I did a good deed, was I looking for a return ???
02. No one force me to give up my seat, so theoretically I “volunteered” myself. (I asked for it)
03. Ill-mannered! A thank you would kill you izzit?
04. Do you really need people to appreciate your good deed? Consciously speaking, you did your part to live up your moral conscious..
05. This is life! Stop dreaming..

Conclusion: at the end of the day, I touch my heart and I can answer my own morality..
*Touching hearts, inspiring lives*

I really hope that one day the society will be "warmer". (not global warming!)

03 March 2009

My freckles are fading

As far as I have memories, I always remember that I have freckles on my face.
Just like those Caucasian, and I always feel special about them being on my face.
Until recently, my freckles was so bad that I have friends telling me this: I told you drew them on your face.. =(

And during CNY, my 2nd uncle was so shock to see me… (He is very knowledgeable in TCM and natural healing…) According to him, I look like some sick patient and he insist that there is something wrong with my liver.

Just 1 week after CNY, I was down with Chronic Sinusitis.. (God, it torture me for a month already!!!) After 2 weeks of western medication, things are not working out, worst still there were some complications... so I turn to take TCM instead. I met this old physician and he said the same thing as my uncle.. and surprisingly my liver is the cause of sinus..
Now 2 weeks into TCM.. I’m seeing that my freckles are fading… Yeah !!!

02 March 2009

Job Satisfaction VS Income

90% of the people are in the profession / job /work that they either don’t like or they have no passion for. I just met up with a friend and we were on the topic, retrenchment. O yes. He is one of the “victims” from the US economic.
It would be heaven for people to be in the profession that is close to their heart. I’m not sure if you are one of the lucky ones, but I am.

Personally, monetary reward is nothing compare to the nutriment of my soul. I can’t see myself in a HIGHLY paid job and feel soulless. EEEEeeee.. is just like the living dead.
No idea how some people manage to survive that, and probably that’s what kept them “hanging” there like some soulless / wandering spirit…

Well, for sure I know that my experience, my life is so much richer than my income. What’s the purpose of having $ but you are not happy? Isn’t that sad? Yet at the same time, I don’t see how happy one can be being penniless. So where’s the balance?